Invitation to attend

On behalf of the Conference Organising Committee, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the 8th ANZIF Conference to be held from 13 - 15 April 2015 in Creswick, Victoria. The conference will be a major part of celebrations for the IFA's 80th anniversary.

The theme of the conference is ''Beyond tenure: managing forests across the landscape". Forests and trees provide many benefits for the community: water, biodiversity conservation, scenic values, agricultural production, timber and firewood, land and soil conservation and jobs in timber production or tourism. We all share a common interest in the good management of our forest and tree resources. With more active management across the landscape, we can do better at meeting the many expectations that the community holds for forests and trees. We can take the opportunities for investment in carbon, biodiversity or timber to expand trees and forests on private land and in urban areas.

Trees and forests grow across a wide range of ownership categories and do not distinguish between different types of tenures. In a changing climate with more dynamic ecosystems, we will need to look beyond parks and reserves to meet conservation objectives and to protect trees and forests from the risks of fire, insect pests or disease. Biodiversity and water need to be managed across tenures if we are going to provide these values in future.

Foresters provide the professional capacity to manage trees across public and private ownerships. The conference theme emphasises that forests and trees are beyond tenure. We plan to explore ways to manage across the forest estate to meet community objectives.

This requires a new way of thinking about forest management. The sessions for the conference have been chosen to present and discuss these challenges and provide a platform to launch a new era of forest management in Australasia.


Professor Rod Keenan, The University of Melbourne
Conference Chairperson